How to Install an SSL in WHM

In this video I will show you how to install an SSL in WHM. This is an ideal method for SSL installation if you are a reseller or have a VPS/Dedicated hosting plan.

Your default cPanel user account will have the necessary privileges to do this installation.

There are three steps for SSL installation: 1) Generate a CSR, or Certificate Signing Request, 2) Use the CSR to purchase your SSL, 3) Install the SSL in WHM

1. Log into WHM
2. Choose SSL/TLS
3. Fill out the information
4. Click *Create*

This has generated a CSR, a Certificate, and a key. If you’re going to install self-signed SSL You can copy this Certificate directly. If you’re going to purchase an official Certificate authority SSL then you will use the signing request to purchase your SSL.

I’m going to be using my self-signed SSL that I just generated. A self-signed SSL is still safe to use because it is encrypted, but it will generate warnings in your browser because it was issued by the server itself and not a third party Certificate authority.

* Fill in the domain you want to install the SSL on
* Paste in your certificate
* If you purchased your SSL you can use the certificate authority bundle
* I’m going to paste in my SSL directly and autofill
* Click Install

Good job!

For more information about SSL installation see our full guide:

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