How to Install and Configure ClamAV in WHM

ClamAV is a popular open-source virus scanner. Installing the ClamAV plugin allows your cPanel users to scan their accounts and emails for malicious files. You will need root access to do this installation.

* Go ahead and Log into your WHM
* Choose cPanel – Manage Plugins
* Check the box that says `Install and Keep Updated`
* The installation process can take a little while, sometimes up to 10 minutes, so this is a good time to multi-task.
* Log out of WHM and then log back in
* Search for ClamAV and click Configure ClamAV Scanner
* You can determine what kind of scan privileges you want your cPanel users to have.

Now your users can log into their cPanel and run their own virus scans.

If you would like more information about different virus scanning techniques and options you can find a link to the full ClamAV:

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