How to Install and Use Better Search and Replace

The Better Search Replace plugin for WordPress is an excellent tool for helping you maintain your WordPress site. If you have text changes that need to be made throughout the site, then it’s often easier to make the change in the database, than to edit each post or page. Using the Better Search replace plugin allows you make these changes quickly and easily. Note that we are showing the free version of the plugin. You can purchase a Pro version that has many more options.

Installing the Better Search Replace

Login to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard
Go to Plugins
Click on Add New
In the search field, type in “Better Search Replace”
When the plugin appears, click on Install Now
Click on Activate Plugin when it appears.

This will complete the plugin installation. You will see the plugin listed with the other installed plugins. If you click on Tools in the menu at left, you will see Better Search Replace listed. Click on it, and you will see the options provided with this version Better Search.

The settings for Better Search Replace has three tabs:


The Search/Replace tab provides the settings available for adjusting how you perform and make searches and replacements. It includes the fields for the search and replace text you will use, a window for selecting tables, an option for making the search case sensitive, an option to exclude the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) columns from the search, and the ability to run the search as a dry run where nothing is changed.

The Settings tab is used to set the Max Page size. There is a slide bar that allows you to decrease the search load on your server. You can also increase the Page size so that your search increases the load on your server resources.

The Help tab provides links to support provided by the authors of the plugin. You are also able to see a summary of the system info that may help with troubleshooting if necessary.

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