How to integrate a hybrid cloud architecture with Anthos

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CritterJunction has its eye set on acquiring a new company, but they’re afraid it will take a massive engineering effort to integrate and manage the new on-prem environment with their existing cloud infrastructure. In this episode of Season of Scale, we explain how Anthos can help enterprises manage hybrid cloud architectures by seamlessly containerizing VMs and unifying traffic management, so they can scale their operations. Watch to learn how Anthos can help you manage diverse, hybrid environments, whether monolith or microservices!

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Microservices vs. monolith
1:01 – Anthos intro
1:26 – Migrate for Anthos
1:50 – Anthos Service Mesh
2:15 – Final thoughts & conclusion

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Product: Application Architecture, Anthos; fullname: Bukola Ayodele;

Duration: 00:03:09
Publisher: Google Cloud
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