How to make Headers for Your WordPress Site

Headers are generally the first piece of a website that people see. So, it’s very important that this part of your website not only be informative, but also make an impact with its appearance. The header for your website is the part of your website that makes a first impression to your visitors. It is generally also the page that contains the menu navigation for your website.

How is a header defined in WordPress?

It’s important to remember that in its simplest form the WordPress header made of code that will contain the text and formatting that appears on the page. The functionality of the header is controlled with the code, but the formatting of the appearance of the header is controlled by the CSS.

If you are looking at the base Twenty-sixteen theme, you can find the header code by simply going to the file (under the wp-contents/themes/twentysixteen folders)and opening it in a text editor.

Typically, the styles that control the header are the H1, header, headerimg, and description sections of the CSS. It may differ from theme to theme. To change the appearance or formatting of the header, you will need to make changes in the CSS file.

For example, in the code above, if you wanted to change the background color of the theme, you would need to go into the styles.css file and edit the .site-header and change the background-color setting from “#fff” to a color of your choice.

How do you change the header?

You have a few choices if you want to make changes to the header in your WordPress site. You can edit the code within your theme, change the appearance of the header by modifying the CSS, use the theme’s built in options for customization, or you can use a third-party solution for customizing the header.

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