How to Manage, Edit, and Create Pages and Posts in WordPress proudly presents “A comprehensive guide to all things WordPress”, our up to date and ever growing list of videos demonstrating how to get the most out of your WordPress installation.

This video is a visual walk through explaining the difference between posts and pages in your WordPress dashboard.

By the end of this walk through, you should be able to achieve the following:
– Be able to determine the difference between a post and a page.
– Be able to create a new post for blogging and a page for content.
– Be able to format your text, according to alignment, text characteristics, and paragraph formatting.
– Be able to import a image file to your media library, then eventually to your new post or page.
– Be able to create hyperlinks within your post or page.
– Be able to assign a category to a post, or a template to your page.
– Successfully publish a blog post or a new page to your WordPress.

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Duration: 10:1
Publisher: HostGator
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