How to Manage the Application Lifecycle in Jelastic PaaS Jelastic Cloud PaaS supports all the key tools and features you need to improve and simplify application lifecycle management. Jelastic has out-of-box Build node to build application in the cloud from GIT and SVN source code repositories. Continuous Integration with Jenkins or Hudson can help you to identify issues along the way and have them quickly fixed. You can easily clone or branch Development, Test and Production environments so they all have identical software stacks, settings and even data. You also have the ability to set your own domain names and to swap environments behind them (for example, Staging and Production) whenever you want to.

See yourself how Jelastic can simplify application lifecycle management for you.

Jelastic is next generation cloud hosting platform which can run and scale *any* Java/PHP application. Try it free at

Duration: 7:1
Publisher: Jelastic Cloud
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