How to Map your Domain Name to your Hosting Package

Step-by-Step Instructions to assist you with mapping your domain name to your web-hosting package.
Step 1 – Log into your control panel, click on ‘manage orders’ and then ‘List/Search Orders’
Step 2 – Select the domain name you desire to map.
Step 3 – On the right side of the screen, click on the type of hosting package you want for your domain name mapping
Step 4 – Click on ‘Name Server Details’ which will show you 2 options to point your domain name to your hosting package (option 1 is recommended). Copy the name servers and paste it on notepad.
Step 5 – Under ‘Domain Registration’, click on ‘Name Servers’. Under ‘Name Server 1’, copy/paste the name servers and then click on ‘add more’.
Step 6 – Repeat the same process for ‘Name Server 2’ and click on ‘Update Name Server’.
Step 7 – Under the selected hostin g package for your domain, click on ‘Admin Details’ to check the temp URL for your domain name and the option to reset your cPanel Password.

Duration: 2:1
Publisher: ResellerClub
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