How to Migrate and Protect Your Workloads With Zero Disruption and No Data Loss

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Organizations choosing to migrate to AWS are looking for a solution that will allow them to migrate their workloads with minimal disruption to their business and no data loss. In order to achieve this, they need to be able to test their applications on the Cloud prior to redirecting network traffic. Join the upcoming webinar to learn how digital entertainment company iN DEMAND seamlessly migrated nearly 40 VMware servers to AWS ahead of schedule, with no downtime on vital servers, using CloudEndure Live Migration. You’ll also find out why iN DEMAND chose to protect its servers using CloudEndure Disaster Recovery.

– Utilizing continuous block-level replication to minimize business disruptions and eliminate data loss.
– Reducing the complexity of the migration process from any source (physical, virtual, and cloud) to AWS.
– Testing migrated servers on AWS without disrupting or impacting source applications.
– Implementing disaster recovery on AWS to achieve near-zero RPO and RTO while reducing DR costs.

Duration: 58:22
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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