How to migrate to microservices & aim for stateless

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Decoupling your apps into microservices is a good move in your quest to modernize application design. It can help you build a more maintainable architecture with benefits like observability, scalability, and recoverability – but it’s not always necessary. In this episode of Season of Scale, we show you how Critter Junction decided which monolithic apps to refactor into microservices, and how stateless services made it easier. Watch to learn design thinking behind refactoring monoliths into independent and stateless services!

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – When to adopt a microservice architecture
1:23 – Stateful vs. stateless services
1:55 – Steps to decouple monoliths to microservices
2:46 – Conclusion

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Product: Application Architecture; fullname: Carter Morgan;

Duration: 00:03:30
Publisher: Google Cloud
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