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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non- profit organization that coordinates and maintains the procedures of various databases related to domain names and domain contact information, thus ensuring the network’s stability and security.

The Inter- Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) is a consensus policy adopted by ICANN to provide a straightforward procedure for domain name holders in order to transfer domain names between registrars.

This video focuses on how to modify your domain name contact information and the various options that appear when the IRTP process is triggered during the domain contact information modification process. Following our the steps to complete the modification process of a domain contact also known as the whois contact-

1) Go to the overview page of the domain.
2) Click on Product- select List All orders- and click on the domain name.
3) On the overview page under domain registration, click on domain contact details and alter the details that you want to modify.

4) When you modify the registrant contact or the registrant email address or the organization name, a verification process is triggered which is known as IRTP Verification or The Inter Registrar Transfer Policy Verification

There are two ways in which you can do this verification: [Follow step (5.1) or (6.1) depending on what suits you].

One way is the normal IRTP process where the first option displayed when you click on save details is “Registrant Authorization not required”.
This is basically the IRTP DA process or the Inter- Registrant Transfer Policy Designated Agent.
If you select this option the registrant will be opted as a designated agent and in that case there will be no verification email sent to the losing registrant on the prior email address. However if you select this option, it will enable a 60 day transfer lock on the domain and you will not be able to transfer the domain for the next 60 days.

The second method of the IRTP process is the one in which a verification email will be sent to the prior registrant contact as well as the new registrant contact i.e. the new email address that you will enter. You will also have an option to disable the transfer lock in this case.

5.1) If you select the second option, the overview page of that domain will give you a popup with the notification- ‘registrant verification is pending’. The view status option will also indicate that the verification is pending for both the old and new registrants and need to be verified by both the parties by clicking on the link received in their respective emails.

5.2) They can then verify by clicking on the Approve button in the link provided in the email.

6.1) If you select the first option which gives you the notification that Registrant Authorization not required then,
6.2) You can click on view status and see that the current registrant has already verified the request whereas the new registrant has received a verification email.
6.3) Click on the approval link and then click on the approve button provided in the link.

.After the approval, in both the cases (5 or 6) the domain contact information will be modified immediately and you will be able to see the changes inside the panel.

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