How to Provision a Dual-Homed Switch by using LAN Automation

This video shows you how to provision a dual-homed network switch using the LAN Automation feature in the Cisco DNA Center.

While watching this video, the timestamps are labeled with videos you should refer to for further info:

• 00:07 to 00:09: “Configure network hierarchy” –

• 00:11 to 00:13: “Create Server Settings, including AAA and DHCP” –

• 00:16 to 00:19: “Define CLI and SNMP Communities” –

• 00:26 to 00:27: “Discover devices using CDP” –

• 00:28 to 00:29: “Discover devices using IP address ranges” -

• 00:32 to 00:36: “Create and reserve IP address pool” –

Duration: 5:33
Publisher: Cisco
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