How to Remove Pages in BoldGrid

When working with your site in BoldGrid you will eventually decide you do not need one or more pages.

Here we demonstrate how to remove pages from your site.

First, log into your site’s admin dashboard

Using the left-hand side menu click on the “Pages” option.

Now look to the right hand panel and locate the page you want to remove.

Hover above the page and you will see a small menu of options appear underneath.

Click on the Trash option to remove the page from your site.

You can even remove multiple pages from your site if you wish.

Notice the list of pages in the right hand panel all have a checkbox next to them.

Click on the checkbox for each page you want to remove.

After selecting the pages you want to remove, click on the dropdown named Bulk Actions and select Move to Trash.

To trash the pages, click on the Apply button. All selected pages will be removed from your site.

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