How to secure your site with SSL

SSL is becoming more and more important. This episode of our weekly hangout with Rackers +Alan Bush and +Drew Cox as we discuss SSL, how to secure your site with SSL, and Rackspace’s new tools to improve the process of setting up a secure site.

Hangout 2-5-2015
How to Secure Your Site with SSL

Lindsey Anderson – Managed Operations Linux Admin

What is SSL/Why Does it Matter? (3:34)
How Does SSL Work at Rackspace (11:17)
Q&A – Wildcard SSL (14:45)
How Have the Google Changes Impacted the Need for SSL? (21:34)
SSL and the Heartbleed Bug (23:02)
Generating a CSR in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel Demo(24:42)
Multiple Sites on 1 IP and SSL (34:49)
Q&A – SSL Load Balancer Management (35:42)
SSL Expiration (38:21)
SSL and Load Balancer Failover (39:41)
Page Errors – Secure/Non-Secure Traffic (42:11)
SSL and Nginx (43:34)
What’s Next for the Rackspace CSR Generator? (44:33)
Wrap Up (46:20)


Rackspace CSR Generator

Create a CSR in the Cloud Control Panel

Google – HTTPS as a Ranking Signal

Unified Communications Certificate (SANS UCC Certificate)

What is a Multiple Domain (UCC) SSL Certificate?

Rackspace Community – CSR Generator

Duration: 48:1
Publisher: Rackspace
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