How to Secure Your Software Supply Chain on Windows Server

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Enterprises depend on a secure software development pipeline – from the first stage of development all the way through production. Secure cloud native application delivery demands a secure, enterprise-ready container runtime, but building & running Windows containers on Windows Server poses unique challenges.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the challenges & how to overcome them using Mirantis Container Runtime, the only enterprise container engine that runs natively on Windows AND Linux, delivering FIPS 140-2 validated security to enterprise containers.

In this webinar, Mirantis Sr. Solution Architect Kevin Ng will walk you though:
– The challenges of securing the software supply chain on Windows Server
– The role of Mirantis Container Runtime in a secure software supply chain
– Tools to help secure container workflows on Windows Server
– How Mirantis Container Runtime provides a secure runtime for K8s nodes on Windows Server

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0:00 – Introducing our Webinar topic & presenter
0:49 – What this webinar will cover
1:47 – The software supply chain
6:58 – The role of the container runtime
11:00 – Runtimes on Windows Server – challenges & solutions
14:14 – How Mirantis Container Runtime fits in
20:28 – Mirantis & FIPS 140-2
22:07 – Once your container is secure, what’s next?
31:45 – Quick Recap – Mirantis Container Runtime
35:09 – Mirantis container offerings
37:22 – Try Mirantis Container Runtime for Free!
38:34 – Outro

Duration: 00:38:48
Publisher: Mirantis
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