How to set the base URL for a Category or Tag in a WordPress post

First, what exactly is the base URL for the category and tags, and where can you see it in a WordPress site.

Each post can be categorized with a tag or category. These labels are used to help organize content so that it’s easier to find. The tag can also be used to give hints on the content of the post.

In order to see them in action, let’s look at a post with a category and tag assigned. Here I have a post and a category assigned to this post Notice that when I hover over each link, you can see the associated URL.

When you click on a category or a tag, the URL will take you the posts that have been assigned to those categories or tags.

The default base URL for the category or tag uses the words, “category” and “tag”. However, you can change these labels in the WordPress Administrator. Let’s look at how you make those changes:

Login to the WordPress Administrator
Click on Settings
Click on Permalinks
Scroll down to the Optional section and you’ll see the base URLs that are currently set.
If you want to change the base URL for the category or post, simply click in the field for either label and change URL.
Click on UPDATE when you have finished.

Review your WordPress site to make sure that the change in the base URL has been properly edited.

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