How to Set the Default Name Servers in WHM

ow to Set your Custom Name Servers in WHM

Custom name servers allow you to customize how people see domains that are hosted on your server. Custom name servers must be defined at your domain registrar before you can use them with your websites. The following tutorial will show you how to add a custom name server through the Account Management Panel. After that, we will show you where to add the custom name servers in WHM so that any created account will use those name servers.

How to Add Custom Name Servers in the Account Management Panel (AMP)

NOTE: Remember that in order to use the Account Management Panel(AMP) to add the custom name servers, the domain name would need to be registered through InMotion Hosting.

Login to AMP
Click on DOMAINS
Select the domain that you want to use
Next, click on Create custom nameservers
Go to the ADD NAME SERVER section, then add your custom name servers the assigned IP address.

After making DNS changes like this, it can take a full 24-48 hours for the settings to fully propagate. Once they have updated, you should be able to query your domain’s name server records again, and it should come back with the custom name server settings as the active name server addresses for that domain.

How to Add your Custom Name Server in WHM

The purpose of adding your name server in WHM is so that any newly created account will be set to use the designated CUSTOM NAMESERVER that you specify. If your domain is not registered with InMotion Hosting, then you will need to consult with your domain registrar on how to setup your custom name servers.

note: Setting the custom name server in WHM does not require root access.

Login to WHM
Click on Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
Type in the Custom Name servers that you want to use

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