How to set up a secure environment on Azure Government – Part 2

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Paul Fisher (Modern App Solution Center, Microsoft) and Joseph Bloom (Business Productivity, Microsoft) about how to set up a secure development environment on Azure Government. In this Part 2 (of the 2-part series), Paul and Joseph focus on setting up a secure CI/CD build environment, utilizing the secure development environment that was previously set up in Part 1 of this series. Paul shows how to set up these build servers in the secure environment to run automated unit tests and integration tests, as well as deploy to docker containers as part of the build process. A central theme that Paul discusses is that the deployment target of the build may be a disconnected environment, rather than Azure Government. In this case, Azure Government is utilized for the development and build environment – then containers facilitate deploying to any environment – even on-premises or disconnected environments. Paul then discusses how you can leverage commercial VSTS to utilize a build agent hosted in the secure Azure Government environment for additional security. In this demo-heavy session, watch to learn how to set up a secure environment on Azure Government for your builds that enable you to deploy your artifacts anywhere!

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Duration: 21:37
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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