How to set up your email with Outlook | 123-reg Support

Looking to set up your email with Microsoft Outlook? This video includes complete instructions to help you learn how to add a mailbox in Outlook.

If you use an email service like Microsoft Outlook and want to learn how to set up your email with it, this video will explain how. There are ten simple steps that you need to follow in order to have access to your 123-reg mailbox directly from your Microsoft Outlook programme.

If you’re not using 123-reg as your email provider, you can still use these instructions to add your mailbox in Outlook. All you need to do is to replace 123-reg details with those from your provider.

If you need more information, please read the following article on our support website, where you will also find a transcript of this video:

Duration: 2:36
Publisher: 123 Reg
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