How to stop search engines from indexing your WordPress site

Today we will be looking at two different ways to prevent search engines from indexing your WordPress site. The first option is a setting within the READING section of the SETTINGS portion of the WordPress Administrator.

The second option requires that your web host be using cPanel. cPanel includes a security option that allows you to set a username and password for folder access. This can be used to prevent access to your WordPress installation. Since the folder requires a password, search engine robots are prevented from accessing your site.

When you set this option you will see that WordPress adds the following warning: It is up to search engines to honor this request.

When this option is selected, WordPress does the following:
Writes a line in the HEAD section of the generated WordPress pages:

meta name=‘robots’ content=‘noindex, nofollow’

This will normally prevent search engine robots to ignore your site. However, although the line is in the header, it is possible for search engines to ignore these requests. These settings must be honored by the search engines in order for them to work.

How to Set the Search Engine Visibility Option in WordPress

Login to the Administrator
Click on Settings
Click on Reading
Click on the checkbox under “Search Engine Visibility” in order to “Discourage search engines from indexing the site”

Click on SAVE CHANGES in order to save your setting change.

How to use the cPanel Password Directory Feature

Remember that using this option prevents anyone from accessing the WordPress files. Caution must be taken in saving the login criteria so that access to the WordPress site is not lost.

Here are the steps needed to activate and set the passwords for folders within cPanel:

Login to the cPanel
Scroll down until you find SECURITY section of the cPanel
Click on the folder where you Installed WordPress

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