How To Track Restaurant Customer Location with WiFi

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Your customers have wearables, iPhones, and more. Tracking them through Wi-Fi and rewarding their loyalty opens up new profits.
Mobile devices offer advantages to both user and enterprise. Watch this short video to see how one restaurant owner provides more than free Wi-Fi access.
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Cultivating brand loyalty has never been more challenging. Customers can be physical, digital… or, ideally, both. Leading retailers are extending the personalized online experience all the way to the physical store. Nadia is one of those customers we all want to nurture. Brand-loyal and connected, Nadia shops online and in the store. You know when she arrives, what she does, and how often, because your business and IT operations are tightly integrated with your marketing plans. Nadia has your app on her smartphone. She knows that she gets better service and better deals. Incentives and promotional offers can be pushed while she is shopping, even triggered by her specific location on the floor.
These behavior-based notifications are invaluable for making the most of every interaction. Relevant information provided to customers at this golden moment has proved to be valuable for 90 percent of the customers surveyed, with over half acting on this information. The ability to alert staff that customers are waiting in line or acting indecisive, can be paramount in avoiding missed opportunities. Store managers are on the front lines of these interactions, and it makes sense for them to control promotional settings, view foot traffic patterns, and access other bits of collected data to better meet store goals. Customer loyalty is the natural outcome of a relationship built on relevant and reciprocal trusted engagement. Providing wireless access for employees or customers is only the beginning.
Smart retailers are expanding those same wireless access points to create a complete mobile experience. The result: Greater insight into buyers and nonbuyers. Better planning, better service, and higher engagement. In short, better business performance and stronger customer loyalty.

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