How to Transfer a Domain to InMotion Hosting

Learn how to transfer a domain to InMotion Hosting if you have registered the domain through another domain registrar. You will learn about the requirements and the process involved in the transfer.

00:00 Introduction animation
00:09 Introduction to Transferring a Domain to InMotion Hosting
00:35 Advantages of Transferring a domain to InMotion
00:48 Who should know about the domain transfer
01:00 Requirements for a Domain Transfer
03:05 What is an Authorization Code?
03:18 Selecting Domain Transfers in AMP (link for AMP login)
03:34 Walkthrough or Advanced Option
04:21 Steps 1-7 of the Walkthrough for the Domain Transfer to InMotion
06:48 Conclusion

► Link to our Support Center article on Domain transfers:

How to Transfer a Domain Name to InMotion Hosting

► You can also find out more about Domain Names by going to our Educational Channel

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