How to tune cluster autoscaler in GKE

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Diligent cluster administrators who want to dynamically scale up and down based on demand in Google Kubernetes Engine standard clusters can leverage cluster autoscaler.

In this video, Anthony Bushong, Developer Relations Engineer at Google, demonstrates how to configure the cluster autoscaler in GKE with the optimize-utilization autoscaling profile to get better scale down and bin packing efficiency.

Bit by Bit is a series where one feature per video is highlighted that can help developers optimize and run a bit better in Google Cloud.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Demo overview
1:25 – Demo: Testing scale down
2:30 – Demo: Reviewing logs of scale down events
4:54 – Demo: Results of scale down test
5:22 – Demo: Testing bin packing
7:05 – Wrap up

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Duration: 00:07:35
Publisher: Google Cloud
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