How to Unify the Management of Java and Node

The Java Dudes and Node Girl are back, and stuck in a new dilemma: they have to learn how to be a team in order to succeed at the Hackathon. See how IBM and StrongLoop have brought Java and Node together:

Coming together is difficult at first. Trust falls fail, card houses collapse, but eventually Node and Java are able to work through these obstacles. Node has flexibility, the Java Dudes learn: “Node.js can be pretty hard to change, but now we’re learning it can really help untangle concurrency by replacing Java platforms standard multi-variable approach and processing one command at a time.”

They begin to realize how well they work in conjunction with one another: “I’ve heard from even some of our hardcore Java friends that Node.js’s event-driven concurrency is driving a lot of interest. It is easier for us to build high-performing, more scalable applications quickly to run on the cloud”

Committed and aligned as a team, Java and Node are ready to take things to new heights and tackle the upcoming Hackathon conference.

Stay tuned for the next series to see what happens to Java and Node when they go head to head with other developers at Hackathon.

Duration: 2:24
Publisher: IBMcloud
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