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PHP is a widely used open source scripting language that is designed for web development. PHP is usually used to develop static websites, dynamic websites or for web applications. We, at ResellerClub offer multiple versions of PHP on our shared hosting platform ( so that developers can choose any one version for their website as per their requirements using our “PHP selector” plugin available in the cPanel.

To know how to update PHP version on a shared hosting linux package, you can watch this video as it take you through the steps on how to upgrade php version of your hosting package.

To begin with you need to first login to the cPanel of the hosting package by following the steps mentioned below:

Login to the Reseller Account (
Click on Products → List All Orders
Click on the domain name associated with the hosting package
Click on Manage Web Hosting

Once you are logged in to the cPanel of your account, to proceed with the steps to how to update PHP version, you need to:
Scroll down to the Software tab
Click on Select PHP version
Select the desired PHP version
Click on Set as Current

You can also select the available extensions and enable the extensions for the selected PHP version. This is how you can update php version for your hosting account easily!

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