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How to connect and upload my website using FTP

Firstly you need FTP client software, there are many but I will be using FileZilla which is free and can be downloaded easily.

Once you have FileZilla open, click File and “Site manager”.

Now click “new site” and give it a name. You should always give your site’s names so you can tell the difference at a later stage.

Now you will need to enter the host and the FTP port which is 21.

Leave the servertype as “FTP” but change the logontype to “normal”.

Type in your Webfusion FTP username and password. These will be on the welcome email you received.

Now clicking “ok” will remember these details but clicking “connect” will connect just this once.

You should now see some activity under the toolbar in FileZilla meaning you are connected to the 123-reg web space.

Now you are connected you can simple drag the documents you need from your local drive to the web space.

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