How to upload a website using FTP | 123-reg

The present video tutorial will explain how to upload website files to your web space using FTP.

FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, allows you to transfer files and web pages from your computer to your web hosting space so you can have your content displayed online.

To successfully employ FTP in uploading your site, you will need:
• an FTP client (one such example is FileZilla),
• your FTP Server IP (known as Hostname as well) and
• your FTP username (or User ID) and password.
These items of information are available either in the welcome e-mail you receive after purchasing your hosting package or in your control panel, under ‘Web Hosting’ area, after clicking on ‘Manage’ button.

Once installed, FileZilla needs to be connected to your 123-reg web space by clicking on the ‘Site Manager’ icon from the left side of the top toolbar.
The next step involves creating a new site profile, which is done by clicking on ‘New Site’ button from the same area (namely Site Manager), entering a specific name into the corresponding field and then hitting ‘Enter’. It is recommendable that you choose a clear label so it can be easily found in case you need to add extra files later on.

Once this is completed, you will need to do the following:
• enter the domain name to which your hosting package is attached into the ‘Hostname’ field from the section ‘General’ in the Site Manager area.
• type 21 into the ‘Port’ field and leave ‘FTP — File Transfer Protocol’ into the box for ‘Protocol’.
• as for the ‘Logon Type’ box below the earlier mentioned ones, select ‘Normal’ so you can easily access your FileZilla account.
• now type in your FTP username and password and click on ‘OK’ button to save this information or on ‘Connect’.

After you connect to your host, you can view the files already saved to your web space in the bottom right side of the screen, whereas the ones stored on your computer are displayed on the left side. To transfer the latter ones to your web space, you simply need to select them and then drag and drop them into the right side.

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Duration: 2:50
Publisher: 123 Reg
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