How to use Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge

In this video, learn what Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is, and how you can use it. You’ll also learn how to configure, deploy, and use Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge module with deviceToCloudUpload and deviceAutoDelete functionalities.

Here are the topics you’ll learn in the video:
1) What is “Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge” (0:00:00 – 0:01:03)
2) How to configure and deploy this module (0:01:04 – 0:03:42)
3) deviceToCloudUpload functionality in action (0:03:42 – 0:04:36)
4) deviceAutoDelete functionality in Action (0:04:37 – 0:06:08)
5) deviceToCloudUpload functionality in a disconnected scenario (0:06:09 – 0:07:10)

Learn the concepts:
Learn how to deploy:

Duration: 7:11
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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