How to use containers for data science on Azure Government

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Phil Coachman, Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft, about data science with containers on Azure Government. Azure Government has many tools that enable you to build Machine Learning models including HDInsight with Spark Clusters and Jupyter notebooks, ML Server, and the Data Science Virtual Machine. But what do you do once your model is built? How do you operationalize it? Containers to the rescue! Containers enable you to package your model and deploy it to any location include the cloud and at the edge. This discussion between Steve and Phil starts out by Phil providing the basis for why we might want to containerize our models and the operational and deployment benefits. Phil then shows a hands-on demo of how this works, and just how easy it is to get started. Watch this video to see how you can quickly get up and running with containers on Azure Government.

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Duration: 16:3
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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