How to use Continuing Education to recertify Cisco Certifications

The Cisco Continuing Education program offers all certification holders flexible options to recertify by taking exams, earning credits, or a combination of both. As of February 24th, 2020, all certification holders must recertify within three years after achieving their certification.

To earn credits toward certification, choose from eligible courses currently produced by Cisco or [email protected] Learning Partners, attend Cisco Live approved sessions, or participate as an Item Author for the development of professional certification exams. In addition to the Continuing Education program changes that went into effect on February 24, 2020, we have added a continuing education option for each certification level and updated the requirements for CCIE.

Maintain, grow, and diversify your skillsets by using our flexible options to validate skills and recertify your existing certifications. Learn more by visiting

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Publisher: Cisco
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