How To Use Facebook For Business

Learn how to use Facebook for business steo by step.

Definitive Guide to Facebook for Local Businesses

I’m going to explain how to create a Facebook strategy that works for your local business that doesn’t involve pleading for likes.

I’ll show you how to set up & optimize your Facebook Business Page the right way
I’ll explain why your Facebook efforts will fail unless you know your objectives
& I’ll share with you the best types of content to share depending on your business

OK, now before we get started, we’ve got a free in depth Step By Step Guide to Facebook for Local Business – just check the link below.

First up, if you’re not using Facebook yet or you’ve just got a personal account you’ll need to set up a business page so you don’t mix business & pleasure.

Then just fill in your profile details. This is a really important step – so make sure you fill in all the details – category, description, website, photo & logo.

When you get to the Preferred Page Audience section, this is really important. You’re targeting a local market so think about things like Location, Age, Gender & interests & enter them here.

Now you need to add a photo & cover picture. You can use a tool like Canva or PicMonkey – they both have Facebook cover photo templates.

Or you can just hire someone from sites like Fiverr, UpWork, and 99 Designs to get started.

Finally in your About page you want to enter as much information as you can – things like hours of business, descriptions, phone number, link to your website etc..

Now there’s no one size fits all approach here but broadly speaking we can separate businesses into 2 types: Business To Consumer and Business To Business.

B2C sells to consumers like a bookshop or hair salon whereas B2B is selling to businesses like an accountant or a printer.

Sure some businesses like plumbers or builder might straddle both but you’ll know best who your target market is.

So for B2C here your objectives will be around customer service excellence and creating a community around your business.

For B2B you might be more concerned with demonstrating leadership, excellence and knowledge – basically showing that you’re a safe pair of hands.

As you’re running a local business, your brand has the benefit of also being able to include local news and content as well.

But you want to mix it up a bit – some popular content you know your audience will like and some of your own content.

When it comes to content B2C brands want to highlight the content they’ve created around the customer experience.

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So there you go. That’s how to use facebook for business.

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