How to use New Relic Insights to Improve Business Processes

We’re big fans of New Relic’s analytics tool Insights. We’ve featured the product a few times on our live Office Hours Hangouts. This week we’re chatting with Racker Robert Chapa, who will share how his organization uses Insights to improve business processes – including one improvement that saved over $7 Million.

Episode 125 : How To Use New Relic Insights to Improve Business Processes

Recorded Live: 12-03-2015

Alan Bush: @AlanBush – Rackspace Community Manager
Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Rackspace Enterprise Technical Advisor
Robert Chapa: @ImAProcessNerd – Senior Process Engineer

New Relic insights intro (2:21)
Automated processes (5:57)
Analytics (7:25)
Process integration (13:22)
Proactive prediction (16:27)
Showing the true value (20:10)
Monitoring the Ecosystem (25:15)
Custom events and data driven decision-making (29:49)
Excel spreadsheets and New Relic Insights (35:06)
Target Audience (36:24)
Pertinent data (40:34)
New Relic FutureStack conference (42:50)
Spin up vs. steady state (47:43)

New Relic Insights

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Duration: 52:55
Publisher: Rackspace
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