How to use Revisions in WordPress

The WordPress Revision feature is a valuable tool that allows you to go back to an earlier version of your post to compare or recover a previous version. We will explain how revisions work and then show you how to use revisions within WordPress administrator dashboard.

WordPress autosaves a version of your post every 2 minutes when you are working on it, keep in mind, only one version of the autosave is saved of your post. Additionally, a version of your post is saved when you publish the post as well. The database therefore includes a single autosave and the different published versions of each of your posts.

To use revisions:

1. Login to your WordPress Administrator
2. Click on Posts
3. Open the Post where you want to see a revision. If you do not see the Revisions list, click on Screen Options a the top of the screen and then click on the box labeled “Revisions”. You will see the versions of the visions available to you.
4. You can select them by clicking on Browse, or you can view the version list (listed by time and date), and directly select the version you wish to see. If you have multiple publish dates for the post, you can select the version by time and date, by clicking on Edit where it says “Published on”.
5. Once you have selected a version, you will see the comparison of the different versions on the screen. The earlier version will be on the left and current version will be on the right. Click on the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons at the top of the screen to move through the different revisions of your post.
6. The differences in the versions will be highlighted. Click on Restore This Autosave in order to restore the earlier version that you are viewing. To cancel any restoration of the post, click on the Post title at the top of the screen!
7. You will immediately be looking at the restored version of the Post that you selected.
8. When you have completed updating or editing your post remember to click on the Update button in order to publish your changes.

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