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Out-of-the-box, Kubernetes provides only bare-bones support for authentication. Fortunately, open source projects like Dex can help organizations manage kubernetes authentication & authorization, at scale, providing single sign-on (SSO) functionality & more!

Join Mirantis’ Martin Nirtl as he explains the fundamentals of Kubernetes authentication, as well as walks you through how to use Dex via a live demo performed during this Tech Talk.

You’ll walk away from this Tech Talk with an understanding of:
– The pros & cons of available Kubernetes authentication mechanisms (with a focus on OIDC tokens)
– How to use Dex to implement SSO for Kubernetes
– Common authorization challenges & best practices for overcoming them

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0:00 – Introducing our topic & presenter
0:36 – What this Tech Talk will cover
1:39 – Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time eBook
1:53 – SSO Recap
3:39 – SSO for Kubernetes
6:14 – Dex – what is it & how does it fit?
8:11 – Beyond just authentication
11:54 – Demo preview – what the demo will show
16:30 – Demo Setup – useful resources for getting started
17:56 – Live Demo – installing Dex to your cluster
45:01 – Kubelogin flow
47:03 – A look ahead at upcoming Tech Talks
47:51 – Outro

Duration: 00:48:01
Publisher: Mirantis
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