How to Use Stackable in WordPress

Learn about how to use the Stackable plugin for WordPress. This plugin extends the creative possibilities of the WordPress visual editor (Gutenberg) and gives you granular control of many of its elements. This tutorial will guide you through the installation, interface basics, and settings for the plugin. You will also see examples of how you can control and modify the Stackable blocks through the plugin.

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Installation
01:34 Getting to know the interface
03:00 Stackable’s Getting Started screen
04:29 Stackable Settings
06:41 Stackable Blocks – Accordion Block example
07:54 Layout Options
08:55 Style Options
11:50 Advanced Options
13:27 Global Settings
14:27 Stackable Block – Quote Block example
15:24 Design Library
17:33 Conclusion

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