How to Use the Advanced Tab in BoldGrid

The last tab in the “Customizer”, the “Advanced” Tab is where you can modify some of the features that do not belong in the other tabs.

Here we will give you an overview of what this tab does.

First, log into your BoldGrid admin interface.

Next, click on the “Customize” option from the left hand sidebar.

Once in the Customizer, you will see a Advanced tab to the left. Give that a click to open it up.

The first tab within the Advanced section is the “Static Front Page” tab.

This allows you to adjust your front page to show posts like the traditional WordPress site.

You can also select a specific page to be your main and to set your posts page.

The “Header Settings” tab is where you can assign the number of widget areas for your header area, just like in the “Widgets” tab.

From here you can also continue to the Widget section to assign them.

At the bottom you can also add custom HTML to your header.

The footer tab is very much like the header tab in that you can set the number of widget areas and add custom HTML.

You also have the ability to toggle the footer on and off as well as disable specific attributions.

Note the Special Thanks attribution cannot be disabled as it is required for specific images packaged in BoldGrid.

The last tab is the Custom JC & CSS tab. This tab is where you can add custom Cascading Style Sheet code or JavaScript to your site.

As with all sections in the Customizer, click “Save and Publish” to save any changes you have made.

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