How to Use the Snapshot Feature in AMP

In this video, we are going to show you how easy our snapshot feature is to use.

A snapshot is a way of quickly saving the state of your VPS for later recovery.

If you are making changes to your development environment and something goes awry, you can instantly revert back to the exact state of your VPS at the time of the snapshot.

For example, say I have a beautiful, functioning website:

I need to make some major changes to my site. But before I make any major changes, I take a snapshot of my VPS…

To do that, just log into your Account Management Panel, or AM, as I have done here.

First, click on the cloud icon named “Manage My Cloud server”

Next, then scroll down to the section named Server Snapshots and click the “Create Snapshot” button.

Give it a name and click on this “Create Snapshot” button.

That’s it! It is very simple.

Now, while making changes to my website, I accidentally delete the wrong directory. In this example, I am running the rm -rf command. This command will silently delete everything.

In this case, I have “accidently” run this on all the files in public_html, which is essentially my entire website.

Without a snapshot, this command would be catastrophic. My site files are irreversibly gone.

Even with a good offline backup I would need to take hours to upload the backup, find the data, and restore it. While restoring the backup, my visitors see this:

But because I took the snapshot before making any changes, I can simply restore my site to its previous working state in practically no time.

Log into your AMP again,

Find the cloud icon and click on it.

Locate the snapshot you just made and click on the “Revert to” link.

Note the popup that says everything on the server will be replaced with the snapshot contents.

Click on the “Revert Snapshot” button.

And that’s it! It’s like a get out of jail free card!

While snapshots should never replace offline backups, they are fantastic at quickly restoring the state of the VPS to a stable, working configuration.

Taking snapshots is almost instantaneous, and the VPS does not have to go offline to create them.

Restoring snapshots is as easy as logging into your Account Management Panel and selecting the appropriate snapshot.

Duration: 3:14
Publisher: InMotion Hosting
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