How to Use the Widgets Tab

A “widget” is a small block that performs a specific function. Your Inspiration will have some prefilled widget areas for you, such as those that contain the default contact information.

Using the the fifth “Customizer” tab, the “Header/Footer Widgets” tab, you can assign widgets to areas of your site or modify the existing prefilled ones.

First, log into your BoldGrid admin interface.

Next, click on the “Customize” option from the left hand sidebar.

Once in the Customizer, you will see a “Header/Footer Widgets” tab to the left. Give that a click to open it up.

Once inside the tab, you will see the different areas to which you can assign widgets.

If you hover over the different selections, the right hand panel will scroll and highlight the area that it references.

To add a new widget to an area, first click on it.

Then you will see a “Add a Widget” button.

Clicking on that button will bring up a list of available widgets for you to select from.

Clicking on the widget will insert it into that area.

Be sure to check out how it looks on your site over in the right hand panel.

To remove a widget, simply navigate to the widget and click on the “Delete” link.

To edit the prefilled widgets, click on the tab that references that area.

For instance, to change the stock phone number displayed here, I find that the “Right Below Primary Navigation” block is the one I need to modify.

After clicking on it, I see the “Visual Editor: Phone Number” tab.

Clicking that opens up the editor for you to change to your own information.

At the bottom of the tab, you see two buttons to add more widget areas. You can add up to four additional areas for the header or the footer.

After adding the areas, they will be listed in the section listing at the top of the tab.

From here you can add widgets just like the others.

The “Edit in Admin” button takes you to the traditional WordPress widget area.
Be sure to save any changes you have made before leaving the “Customizer”.

After you have configured the widgets in the tab, click the “Save & Publish” button to activate them.

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