How to use the WordPress Dashboard

Today we’re gonna take a quick look at the WordPress Dashboard. If you’re just starting with WordPress, it’s definitely worth reviewing as it contains many helpful features.

Welcome to WordPress!

When you first log into the WordPress Administrator, you will see “Welcome to WordPress!” We’ve assembled some links to get you started.” These links include the following:

Customize your wordpress site
Change theme
Write your First blog post
Add An About page
View your site
Mange widgets or menus
Turn comments on or off
Learn more about getting started

These links are quick intro to help you get started with your new WordPress site. The “Welcome to WordPress!” window can be removed by clicking on Dismiss in the top right hand corner.

Below the initial welcome window, you’ll see the following sections:

At a glance
Quick Draft
WordPress News

At a glance

This section shows a summary number of the posts and pages that have been added to the site. You can click on one or the other and it will go to the Posts or Pages sections. This section will also show what theme is being currently used on the site.


Shows the specific posts that have been added to the site and dates them. You can click on each post to jump to that post page.

Quick Draft

Quick draft allows you to create a quick post without having to go into the Post editor section. So you can quickly give it a title, add some text, and then save the Draft while you’re in the WordPress Dashboard. This section will also list all of the recent post drafts that have been saved.

WordPress News

Is a summary of the recent blog posts. This normally filled with news about recent WordPress updates. They also include several popular sites for WordPress such as and is made for WordPress user news for the pros and user community. is a website made by the founding developer of WordPress – Matthew Mullenweg.

The At a Glance section also includes a “favorite plugin” suggestion. For example, the current favorite plugin is Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

Another nice feature of the WordPress Dashboard is the ability to move the windows using drag and drop. Simply click on the title bar of the window and then drag it into a new position. This allows you to arrange the dashboard to your preference.

You will also see that more windows will be added to the dashboard as you add plugins that make use of the dashboard. For example, a popular plugin known as JetPack makes use of the interface, as do many of the caching plugins.

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