How to use the WordPress Media Library

To open the Media Library, Login to the WordPress Administrator and then click on MEDIA, then Library.

If you want to Add a new item to the Media Library, you can click on the button labeled ADD NEW in either the menu or in the Media Library screen.

-Here you can click on the the Add New button to bring files into the library.
-You can also simply drag and drop files into the library

There are a few sorting options. You can organize the pictures by thumbnail alone with no text – this is set by default.

You can also sort using short text information for each media library item.

The drop down menu also let you select ALL MEDIA ITEMS, or you can select images, audio, video or unattached file types.

To the right of that sort options is another drop-down menu starting with ALL DATES. You can select month and year respective to the files that you already have in your media library.

Once you have the media sorted out a certain way, you can select all of the sorted items by clicking on the button labeled BULK SELECT.

To the far right, you also have the option to run a search.

When you select a media library item, you will see the details for that media item.

To the right you will see the file identification information include the file name, file type, date of upload, file size and the dimensions.

Further down the column you will see the internet information for the file including the URL, title, caption, alt text, and description.

Click on EDIT MORE DETAILS and you will see a screen with the options to EDIT IMAGE,
change the caption, alternative text and the description.

Clicking on EDIT IMAGE lets you change the file name, flip the image and rotate it. You can also change the dimensions of the image, but be cautious as it may change the aspect of the image.

You can also apply these changes to all image sizes that WordPress stores. When you have finished making changes to any of the images, simply click on UPDATE to save your changes.
Finally, you have the option to preview the image as it would appear in a post or page, and also DELETE the image file so that it is no longer stored within your WordPress site.

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