How to verify routing configuration in Apigee X

Are your API requests not reaching the API Proxies in Apigee X? Are you observing 503 errors for your API Proxies due to incorrect routing configuration?

Then check out this video to learn about the routing data model, how it is applied in Apigee X instances, how to verify the routing configuration and ensure the API requests are routed to the correct API Proxies in an Apigee X organization.

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – What is the routing data model?
1:48 – Example single-region solution architecture
2:25 – Example multi-region solution architecture
3:11 – How to verify environment attachments of instances?
3:53 – How to verify hostname configuration in the environment group?
4:18 – How to verify API proxy configuration?
4:46 – How to verify the API request is correctly routed to the API proxy?

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Duration: 00:05:08
Publisher: Google Cloud
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