How to View your Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage in cPanel

Today we are going to show you how to view your Disk Space usage and your Monthly Bandwidth usage within the cPanel.

The first thing you want to do is to log into your cPanel.

To find the stats is very simple. Look to the left hand sidebar and locate them. They are the fourth and fifth settings located in the stats.

This is the same whether you are using the X3 theme or the new Paper Lantern theme.

All shared accounts will show the amount used out of infinity. This is because they have unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

VPS and Dedicated cPanels will also show this by default, even though those accounts have a limited amount of overall space. This is because you can assign specific sizes to cPanels.

If you do not and leave it at infinity, then that particular cPanel can take up the entire amount of space allotted to your account, in theory.

For more information, see our full guide on “How to see your Disk space and Bandwidth usage on shared servers” –

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