How We Broke the World Record for Computing Digits of Pi (31.4 trillion!) (Cloud Next '19)

We have calculated 31.4 trillion digits of Pi on Google Cloud. That is the new world record in the Pi computation. The process took about four months and 200 TiB of storage. Record-breaking Pi calculations have traditionally been done on supercomputers and special-made hardware, but we did it on Cloud for the first time. We used only publicly available cloud products.

This session will discuss the nature of the calculation, the architecture, challenges and techniques, benefits of Google Cloud, and of course the brief history of Pi computation. You will learn how large-scale computing works on Cloud.

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Speaker(s): Emma Haruka Iwao, Alexander Yee

Session ID: CMP300
product:Compute Engine; fullname:Emma Haruka Iwao;

Duration: 45:7
Publisher: Google Cloud
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