How WebSphere and Watson language translation services boost revenue

Are language barriers costing your company revenue and hurting customer loyalty? Learn how WebSphere and the Watson Language Translation Service can improve a customer’s experience:

In this example, an online retailer tasks one of their developers with creating a customer support app using WebSphere and Watson. The company’s developer chooses to use the Watson Language Translation Service, which allows the customer to type a question in English and then translates it to Spanish for the customer support team in Mexico. They can then type their answer back in Spanish and have it translated into English for the customer. The dialogue can continue throughout the buying experience until a purchase is complete.

According to the developer, integrating the Watson Language Translation Service was fast and easy. It also resulted in happy shoppers, higher sales and increased customer loyalty for the company. Give it a try and see how it can impact your business:

Duration: 2:4
Publisher: IBMcloud
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