How WebSphere & Java get apps to market faster

WebSphere gets your apps to market faster by quickly moving all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud unchanged. See how the Java platform features and tooling make the environment more flexible and scalable:

In this example, the IT manager at a small banking company addresses the challenges of preparing for a transition to cloud and the path to choosing a fitting solution. She oversees day-to-day IT infrastructure, including application, services, storage, networking and connectivity. She stays updated on the latest IT trends but faces many challenges, such as reducing costs and becoming more efficient, expanding business and digital transformation, and building a cloud landscape to increase reach.

IBM WebSphere on cloud helps her build new jobs apps and allows her to exploit the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy. Using WebSphere on cloud, she can get her apps to market faster by quickly and easily creating cloud apps or reducing costs and moving all or part of her infrastructure to the cloud. She utilizes advanced Java platform features and tooling to optimize her IT environment to be more flexible, scalable and secure by moving in-house workloads to the cloud. By using existing Java applications and developer resources, she can extend her current IT to create cutting-edge applications, APIs and microservices at the speed of business.

With IBM WebSphere Connect, the IT manager can easily connect applications to over 130 unique cloud services across IBM Watson, Analytics, IoT and mobile to breathe new life into her existing investments and it’s fast- slashing her cloud app development cycle from weeks down to days or even hours. Now the IT manager can get back to focusing on what matters most- ramping up new, effective and connective user experiences. To try WebSphere V9 and WebSphere Connect visit:

Duration: 2:12
Publisher: IBMcloud
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