HP and Foxconn Partner to Deliver Cloud-Optimized Servers Targeting Large Cloud Hosting Providers

HP and Foxconn have announced a joint venture agreement to create a new line of cloud-optimized servers specifically targeting cloud hosting services providers. The new product line will specifically address compute requirements of the world’s largest service providers and complement HP’s existing ProLiant server portfolio, including Moonshot.

Creating innovative servers and solutions has been a cornerstone of the relationship between computer manufacturer Foxconn and HP for several decades. The non-equity joint venture, in the form of a strategic commercial agreement, further strengthens the partnership.

cloud-servers-hpAccording to IDC, cloud hosting services providers will continue to break new ground in search of both performance gains and cost reductions as they expand their cloud architecture implementations. Additionally, the hosting-as-a-service model will continue to transition away from traditional models toward cloud-based delivery mechanisms like infrastructure as a service, spurring hyperscale growth in servers used for hosting (15 to 20 percent CAGR from 2013 to 2018).

The changing needs of cloud computing would require a new approach to server design that brings together cloud solutions expertise, quick customer response and volume manufacturing. This is why HP and Foxconn have announced their cloud-optimized servers for service providers.

High-volume system designs

“With the relentless demands for compute capabilities, customers and partners are rapidly moving to a New Style of IT that requires focused, scalable and high-volume system designs,” said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer, HP. “This partnership reflects business model innovation in our server business, where the high-volume design and manufacturing expertise of Foxconn, combined with the compute and service leadership of HP, will enable us to deliver a game-changing offering in infrastructure economics.”

Details on pricing and availability of the new HP server line will be announced at a later date.