HP Enterprise and Iceotope Bring Liquid Cooling at the Edge

HP Enterprise (HPE) and Iceotope have announced an OEM agreement that will bring liquid cooling at the data center edge. HPE ProLiant servers will be sold by Iceotope Technologies in its liquid-cooled chassis. For this, the business employs immersion cooling.

Iceotope will provide its liquid-cooled chassis with the HPE ProLiant Servers to provide a solution that will run in enterprise data centers and at the extreme edge. The goal is to provide better performance and efficiency with a higher level of protection from harsh edge environments.

The Ku:l Extreme Data Centre will be the location of the new liquid-cooled chassis. Ku:l Extreme is a highly ruggedized Micro Data Centre solution offered for extreme edge environments and enterprise-grade computing. It’s used in environments with airborne contaminants, moisture, and other hazards.

Data Center Managers

The single server enabled, highly scalable, and ultra-efficient Ku:l Extreme would offer zero-touch operation with ‘Out of Band’ management. Clients gain complete control over the system remotely and this new OEM agreement would only make things better.

With new targets of sustainability and more complex processes, data center managers have a bigger job to complete today. The OEM agreement with HPE and Iceotope would help to make the job easier by providing a more effective and efficient solution for server maintenance.

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HPE ProLiant servers
HPE ProLiant servers

Following Up on the 2019 Strategic Alliance

In 2019, Iceotope created a strategic alliance with Avnet and Schneider Electric. This allowed for an offering of innovative technology used to respond to many new challenges. An increase in energy efficiency and better use of space came out of this alliance.

These companies working together have allowed for a better overall IT environment and infrastructure for performance. With the ability to offer zero-touch edge computing, Iceotope and HPE are fulfilling a need. Remote monitoring and maintenance have become more necessary and this new technology will help many clients.

Liquid-cooling provides many benefits impacting the cost, energy efficiency, and simplicity. The advantages would be measurable and many other benefits are not as easy to see, according to Iceotope. Liquid cooling from Iceotope has fewer design challenges than other forms of this technology, stated the company. The chassis-level precision immersion cooling solution takes the heat out of every part of the system reliably, and efficiently. This would allow for a better overall performance without the design limitations.

About Iceotope 

Iceotope Technologies offers a chassis-level precision immersion cooling solution for the whole IT stack. It can be used for all use cases from Extreme Edge to Hyperscale. Without the need for air-cooling or fans, this technology offers a near-silent solution. It reduces the use of energy and water, along with reducing costs in build, design, and operations.

About Hewlett Packard Enterprises

HPE offers edge-to-cloud solutions. The company has decades of experience innovating the way people work and live. HPE delivers intelligent technology solutions including many services, such as Intelligent Edge, Compute, Storage, High-Performance Computing, Software, and Mission-critical Solutions.