HP Selects Samsung Host-Based Caching Software as Add-on Option for Its Generation 9 Servers

HP has selected Samsung’s AutoCache host-based caching software to be made available to end-users as an add-on to the HP Generation 9 server family. The Samsung AutoCache software will be listed as an option for the following HP server models: the DL360, DL380, DL560, DL580 and ML 580.

The Samsung AutoCache complete caching solution can be used by HP’s customers to accelerate application performance. It would also allow them to improve overall storage efficiency in the latest HP Gen 9 servers.

Samsung AutoCache can be used to accelerate a variety of workloads and databases including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), real-time big data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence applications, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), public and private cloud environments, and general virtualized workloads.

samsung-autocacheSamsung AutoCache supports both physical and virtual servers and is one of the first caching solutions that implements VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering to fully support write-back caching in virtualized environments. Samsung AutoCache ensures that frequently requested data is cached and serviced by solid state drives (SSDs) rather than slower back-end storage and rotating media, eliminating storage performance bottlenecks while speeding up application response time.

“We’re delighted that HP realizes the immediate value that our AutoCache software can bring to its customers, with significant performance enhancements in today’s most critical virtualized data center applications,” said Jung-Bae Lee, senior vice president of Memory Product Planning, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung AutoCache is being targeted at the enterprise, as well as small and medium sized data centers around the world. It is available through HP beginning this month.