HP Unveils New Cloudline Server Family for Service Providers to Help Increase Cloud Service Agility

At the Open Compute Summit, HP has introduced its HP Cloudline, a new family of servers that would enable service providers running hyperscale IT architectures to maximize data center efficiency and increase cloud service agility.

cloud-servers-hp“The business success of today’s service providers is directly correlated with their ability to cost-effectively acquire and operate their IT infrastructure to meet customer demand,” said Alain Andreoli, senior vice president and general manager, HP Servers. “Built on open-design principles with extreme scalability, HP Cloudline servers help service providers reduce infrastructure cost and accelerate service delivery to improve business performance.”

Cloud Deployments

Purpose built for cloud-scale deployments, HP Cloudline servers would meet the technical requirements, economics and functional performance needs of the growing service provider market. HP Cloudline facilitates demand-driven deployment, accelerated service delivery and cost-effective operation, according to the vendor. The new HP Cloudline server family is a result of the HP-Foxconn joint venture.

HP Cloudline servers are optimized for workloads including cloud (OpenStack and other open cloud platforms), web servers, content delivery, hosting and big data (Hadoop framework). HP Cloudline is also optimized for HP Helion. By adding the HP Helion Development Platform, developers would be enabled to rapidly build and deploy cloud-native applications with a highly-scalable infrastructure that provides industry-standard programmability, ensures data persistency and durability, and offers built-in application resiliency.

hp-cloudWith minimalist bare-iron design, standard management interfaces, a select set of configuration choices, equipment-based warranties and service provider-optimized support, the first generation of HP Cloudline rack servers are powered by the latest Intel Xeon processor E5 v3 series product family. The server portfolio currently includes:

  • HP CL7300 – A 2P server sled for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • HP CL7100 – A 2P server sled for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • HP CL2200 – A high-capacity, low-cost 2U 2P server for big data and storage-intensive cloud applications.
  • HP CL2100 – A multipurpose 1U 2P server for memory and storage–rich compute applications.
  • HP CL1100 – A low-cost 1U 2P server made to deliver efficient front-end web performance.

The new product line would complement and strengthen the HP ProLiant server portfolio, including HP Moonshot.

HP Cloudline rack servers are available only at rack-scale with the exact quantity dependent on the customer. The CL100, CL2100 and CL 2200 will be available for direct order on March 30, 2015. For details on ordering the CL7100 and CL7300, service providers should contact their HP account manager.