Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently made an announcement at HPE Discover that the brand is going to extend its services in the hybrid cloud with a comprehensive set of innovations to the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform.

HPE GreenLake’s cloud services can be deployed in a (colocation) data center, or at the edge. Innovations span applications, silicon, and software with automated, cloud-native capabilities that can be executed in a few clicks and managed in a unified platform.

These innovations would allow clients to transform and modernize their workloads to a cloud operating model, optimizing and securing applications from edge to cloud. The brand-new innovations would also help customers achieve a future-ready position with the capability of identifying and taking advantage of all the forms of data, regardless of location.

In addition to that, HPE has also said that HPE GreenLake cloud services will be supporting critical applications across industries like data and risk analytics, financial services, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, high-performance computing (HPC), and electronic medical records.

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse

In current times, customers are more inclined towards getting flexibility and agility to configure and provision different workloads at high paces based on dynamic business demands. In order to fulfill these dynamic IT and business needs, HPE has unveiled HPE GreenLake Lighthouse that would offer a “smooth, intelligent” operations experience to run and manage different workload-optimized solutions easily.

Clients can rely on HPE GreenLake Lighthouse to run various cloud services in any location like in the data center, at the edge, or with a colocation provider of their choice.

Project Aurora

Project Aurora is a service that will provide cloud-native, zero-trust security to HPE’s edge-to-cloud architecture. The service will embed within the HPE GreenLake cloud platform creating blocks to automatically and continuously verify the authenticity of hardware, operating systems, workloads, firmware, security workloads, and platforms. Along with that, the attestation capabilities of Project Aurora can be used to automatically detect advanced threats from silicon to cloud in seconds.

Enterprises can reduce data loss on a considerable note along with restricting unauthorized encryption, intellectual property, and valuable data corruption with the capabilities of Project Aurora. The service would also work well with existing security investments that will eventually minimize downtime and secure revenue and productivity.

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Silicon On-Demand

HPE is also introducing a pay-per-use, a consumption-based pricing model that will optimize at silicon level to provide a comminuted cloud experience with reduced buffering time, faster deployment, and better metering.

The vendor is all set to provide flexible consumption capabilities with Silicon on-Demand developed in partnership with Intel to add new capacity at a chipset core and persistent memory level using Intel Optane technology. With this step, HPE is discarding the requirement to order or install new chipsets by authorizing customers to activate and pay for high capacity with a single click.

Compute Cloud Console

HPE has also rolled out Compute Cloud Console, a service based on cloud management that automates compute operations over an organizations’ entire fleet. The service is based on HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform. It would simplify the infrastructure management experience with a “smooth” as-a-service experience irrespective of the location where the workloads are running, from edge to cloud.

It would also automate manual tasks like removing inconsistencies due to human error, speeding up time-to-market, and lifecycle management.

New Cloud Services

HPE also announced a new cloud service catalog that clients can access with a single click utilizing the HPE GreenLake cloud platform. Cloud services for 5G, electronic medical records, financial services, data and risk analytics, as well as high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence, are among them (AI).


HPE Lighthouse is now broadly accessible worldwide as part of HPE GreenLake cloud services and through HPE’s channel partners.

Later this year, HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, HPE GreenLake cloud services, and HPE Ezmeral software platforms will support Project Aurora.

Silicon on-Demand is available now on the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.

Clients using the HPE GreenLake cloud platform in the United States may use the Compute Cloud Console today via invitation only. Customers in other locations will be able to purchase it later this year.

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